Optimising project value end-to-endOptimising project value end-to-end

How we optimise project value, end-to-end.

PRISM is our end-to-end process that drives structure, value and quality through every part of every project we undertake for every client.

Experience the full spectrum of end-to-end support, or simply tap into our expertise in specific areas as you require.

Design & PrototypingDesign & Prototyping

01 Visualisation

To inspire & engage

+ To inspire & engage

A variety of slick visuals and design support is available to help your internal presentations move at pace.

+ 100% manufacturing understanding

As manufacturers, we know how projects are put together and create practical & sustainable visuals that work.

+ From concepts to instore reality

Engineering drawings for accurate manufacturing guidance. We make sure it gets made right, first time.

02 Value Engineering

To inspire & engage

+ Uncover the REAL cost

A holistic approach that surfaces both the ‘total-cost’ of ownership and of the final project installation.

+ The fittest option for purpose

One-off, or at volume? To last six months, or six years? What is the store environment? High or low footfall?.

+ A material effect on time

Well-considered material choice can reduce production and install times to improve speed to market.

03 Prototyping

To inspire & engage

+ Speed of build, updates & evolution

Our manufacturing capability means you can pressure test your concepts with ‘live’ updates that develop prototypes at pace.

+ Your practical partner

We bring teams together in our prototyping process, making best use of our manufacturing knowledge and capabilities.

+ More speed, less haste

Our prototypes are planned to perfection, to optimise speed to market and increase your trading opportunity.

UK Manufacture & International SourcingUK Manufacture & International Sourcing

04 Commercial Response

To inspire & engage

+ Challenge the RFP 'norm'

Not your average 'YES MEN'. We add value by fully understanding the project and positively challenging the brief.

+ Adding value to cost

We work to your priorities and provide 'weighted by': quality, time and cost options for your consideration.

+ Client onboarding - a flexible fit

We rapidly develop the perfect tea and PRISM process to best dovetail into your ways of operation.

05 UK Manufacturing

To inspire & engage

+ British is sometimes best

Improve your speed to market with batch or volume production, manufacturing and fabrication right here in the UK.

+ Extra peace of mind

Enjoy rapid UK production and delivery response and reduce the risks of uncertainty associated with global transit.

+ Find the best mix

Optimised solutions via a blended approach - UK manufacturing with best-in-class, international supply chain.

06 International Sourcing

To inspire & engage

+ It helps knowing how it’s made

Our knowledge and production insights help our international partners and suppliers work more accurately.

+ Tried, tested and trusted partners

We only work with quality and ESG assured, global partners across ALL continents.

+ Have the best of both worlds

A blended approach with international suppliers and UK manufacturing ensures project solutions are right for you.

Project Management & Installation Project Management & Installation

07 Logistics & Consolidation

To inspire & engage

+ One hub, one solution

One base, asset management service, consolidating and delivering ALL project requirements and 3rd party equipment.

+ Repurpose internal resource

Complete roll-out management helps reduce customers’ own logistics and management requirement.

+ 100% Peace of mind

100% Asset Management. Every inventory item in the right place at the right time - every time.

08 Nuttall Install

To inspire & engage

+ Specialist teams ready and willing

Quality-assured. Highly trained, helpful and capable fitting teams. Health and Safety specialists on every project.

+ Target ZERO disruption

All project installs are briefed and design-engineered to optimise time and reduce onsite activity.

+ Collaboration First

Regular communication and collective team-briefings, aligning to our clients ways of working.

09 Principal/General Contracting

To inspire & engage

+ ‘Live’ trading store experts

Business as usual. No weak links, one exacting standard for ALL project and construction contractors.

+ We do it ALL

One point of contact. Multi-contractors & materials managed and delivered onsite - exactly when they’re needed.

+ 100% Optimised

Our end-to-end focus on project value for: cost, time and quality is supported across ALL contracting teams.