Client Story


Best of British shop-in-shop solutions.

When Amtico wanted to create a strong, physical shop-in-shop presence within the stores of their valued retail partners, they turned to Nuttall - a UK manufacturer that could align with the values of an established, great British Brand. Nuttall worked with Amtico to conceive and complete a super-premium retail experience - devising and delivering a scheme that is functional, flexible and genuinely stands the test of time.

Getting the brief right.

Amtico wanted to create shop-in-shop concessions that would showcase their distinctive ranges – Signature, Spacia and Form Décor. Key considerations for this end-to-end project included:

  • Quality – a key driver for the brief

  • Cost

  • Durability

  • Our ability to deliver across an extended timeframe

We worked in collaboration with the team at Amtico to challenge the brief and to consider the total cost of ownership for the scheme. Our team ensured the design would work for the long-term, without requiring maintenance or upgrade. It also incorporated flexible elements that would allow the visual merchandising to be refreshed at scheduled intervals.

Creating a brand showcase for head-turning impact.

We know from our experience of putting concessions into the wholesale market that shop-in-shop concepts have to create a platform for brands to shine. An appealing, engaging concept results in higher footfall, which in turn secures customer engagement and sales. We also know that our schemes need to look great for the long term – with the resilience and robust construction to weather the wear and tear of day-to-day use, without compromising the look and feel.

Designing and building it ‘right’.

The scheme was built to be compact and space efficient, without compromising the all-important product display that sat at the heart of the brief. We had conversations with the client about the life expectancy of all components – allowing Amtico to make realistic plans for future refresh programmes. We also considered the practicality of install, incorporating a flat-pack design for ease of installation.

Roll-out that puts the client in complete control.

Amtico have a rolling programme for install and refresh that spans the calendar. Thanks to our warehousing and inventory management capabilities, we were able to manufacture units ahead of time, so they could be stored, packed and shipped on demand, in line with Amtico’s requirements. The process is run via a single point of contact on the Nuttall team, with systems support to provide visibility on inventory – putting the client in total control of their program. This project also makes considerations for sustainability, taking out fixtures where appropriate and recycling to reduce environmental impacts. We continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder with Amtico during this project, delivering a design that is both updateable and adaptable. The result? A powerful concept where their brand is both contemporary and responsive to their retail customers and end consumers.

Exclusive partnership.

We are proud to play our part in supporting the Amtico success story. We have an exclusive partnership with Amtico in the highly-competitive and innovative UK floor covering sector.

The trusted expertise you can rely on.