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How we optimise project value, end-to-end.

PRISM is how we see the world. It’s an end-to-end solution delivered with complete confidence. Come to us for comprehensive Project Management or Principal Contractor support. Or simply tap into our expertise to bring your ideas to life; harness our knowledge in value engineering, materials and sourcing; alternatively you can fast-track to production and install.

We can support you fully in any of the project components listed within PRISM, but if you’re looking for total project support, end-to-end, we’re one of only a chosen few UK companies with the depth of experience and breadth of capability. We really are ALL YOU NEED!

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We design

Design & prototyping

01. Visualisation

We get really close to our customer at the start of every project, to understand project objectives, drivers and critical success factors. We listen closely and bring their ideas to life with concept, 3D and technical drawings. This is where the end project takes shape. Our creative process is rich with insight to inform decisions about materials and finishes, so the project can tick all the boxes and create the all-important wow factor that gives retailers the competitive edge.

02. Value Engineering

Genuine value engineering demands consideration way beyond basic cost reduction. We need to understand the total cost of ownership. It includes: the life expectancy and durability of all parts and fixtures, the time and cost of installation, projected maintenance and servicing requirements and how we can best minimise impact on trading. PRISM solutions are value engineered as a matter of principle.

03. Prototyping

Nothing builds more confidence in the journey to final production and store roll-out, than being able to see, walk around and actually feel your idea as it comes to life. We manufacture the physical one-offs that enable our joint project teams to put the design through its paces, collaborating on modifications until the build is 100%, spot on.

We make

UK manufacture & international sourcing

04. Commercial Response and Tender

We look at our customers’ cost, quality and time drivers, alongside the objectives of the job to be done. Our Commercial Team leads and coordinates the response, identifying the necessary resources needed, such as in-house, external advisers, scale and scope. Expect extremely competitive and detailed pricing, plus absolute transparency, control and speed of response even when timescales are tight.

05. UK Manufacture

Our customers take advantage of our UK manufacturing capability. When they’re looking for extra-quick turnarounds or greater control and flexibility, they can depend on our breadth and depth of engineering and manufacturing skill sets. From bespoke, one-off solutions to volume manufacture, we deliver on cost-effective production and enhanced speed to market. Knowledge and expertise come as standard to get the job done right.

06. International Sourcing and Supply

When cost is a primary pressure (and when lead-times allow), we take our briefs through a professional procurement process to explore the options for global supply. Using our trusted and audited panel of partners, we land materials, components and units for a best value solution, that is absolutely on-point. Our international sourcing and supply capability works in perfect tandem with UK manufacture – projects can be procured globally in full or via a blended solution using our in-house facilities.

We fit

Project management & installation

07. Logistics & Consolidation

We have the capacity and flexibility to offer full warehousing and consolidation for our clients. It means we can manufacture ahead of time, then store and call-off as required. We consolidate 3rd party equipment too and despatch single comprehensive deliveries to ensure our installs run with absolute reliability. It means far fewer headaches for our customers and delivers a more sustainable approach, helping us reduce our impact on the environment.

08. Nuttall Install

Successful Project Management and Installation depends on the ability to completely avoid, or at least minimise disruption to trade. That’s why our Installation teams are focused on completing the job to specification and on time. We have the resources to scale up for high-volume rollouts. That’s well-trained, tried and trusted fitting teams who respond to the inevitable challenges that arise day-to-day in busy retail spaces. Always willing to help with a no-drama attitude and a strong work ethic.

09. Principal & General Contracting

We plan, coordinate, and manage the entire construction phase of projects for our customers. We have the experience and track record to fully integrate the contractor panel, take account of health and safety and liaise with our customers and any senior stakeholders for the project’s duration. As a result, you benefit from a single point of contact and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project will be delivered right, on time and on-budget.

“We only get out, what we put in.”

Our ‘All-In’ briefing process is a massively important element in our project success. We’re more than happy to spend extra time with our customers to understand exactly what has to be achieved. Then we work tirelessly through a rigorous briefing process, to uncover the finer detail of what is required to deliver above and beyond expectation.

But not everything we do is black and white.

Retail is fast-paced. Trends have a habit of changing almost daily. So flexibility is key. Sometimes you need a retail interiors partner who possesses both the creativity to respond with flair, alongside the practical ability to solve problems, fast. If you’re looking for a partner with this blend talent, we’re all you need.

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