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Creating brand stand-out in busy retail spaces.

Shop-in-shop concepts need to achieve stand-out and brand quality that really endure. Combining high durability and minimum maintenance with the adaptability to update merchandising messages when required, we approach shop-in-shop projects with ingenuity and practicality in equal measure.

Solutions that stand the test of time.

We invest in a meticulous brief to understand the short, medium, and long-term requirements, so the fixtures and displays we develop perform day-to-day, but also stand the test of time.

Consistent brand delivery for high impact at pos.

We understand the critical part we play in delivering brand consistency and creating the kind of stand-out and head-turning 'wow' your brand needs in the busiest of retail spaces.

Our approach to optimising cost.

We drive cost efficiencies by considering the total direct and indirect costs throughout the projects’ lifecycle. We push to develop concepts that are modular, flexible and scalable.

Comprehensive warehousing and logistics.

We consolidate, manage inventory and facilitate supply on-demand for your customer teams and partners. So everything is under control, managed via a single, expert point of contact.


Shop-in-shop stories

We just did it!
For Nike at JD.

Nike wanted global rollout across EMEA, APAC, Australia and the US. The shop-in-shop concept was developed as a modular and scalable solution. With integrated digital technology, it wasflat-packed and shipped with easy-to-follow installation manuals. We used a blended UK and International manufacturing approach to achieve best cost for rollout and driving efficiencies at each key touchpoint – from the coordination of global logistics to installation.

ASDA gets a fashion makeover by Accessorize.

Accessorize launched an exclusive partnership with ASDA. We took the existing Accessorize concept and adapted it to suit the superstore format and accommodate a massive gain infootfall. We responded at pace. In just two weeks we value engineered, produced and installed new fixtures, plus wall and mid-floor units that could handle the increased stock levels required and the surge in daily customer contact.

The brief of all briefs at CK underwear.

We worked closely with CK to develop their shop-in-shop concept for underwear. With a brief for a modular and scalable scheme, our design solution delivered a variety of store formats whilstmaintaining brand quality and consistency. Improved sustainability was achieved by managing production and inventory levels from regional hubs. In total, we helped transform CK concessions in over 200 locations across the globe.

Serving the very best of British and International brands for over 50 years.


Creating a brand showcase for head-turning impact.

Multiple collections designed into a single solution.

Amtico wanted shop-in-shop concessions to showcase four distinct collections, whilst satisfying quality, cost and durability drivers. With an extended project roll-out, the total cost of ownership for the scheme needed careful consideration.

UK Manufacture for craftsmanship and control.

Having a UK manufacturing partner was a central consideration for this great British brand. We collaborated intensively to meet the brief and to engineer the designs to ensure we could achieve scale and cost-efficiencies with UK production.

Warehousing and inventory management included.

With a rolling install and refresh programme that runs all year round, we store, pack and ship units for call-off on demand. Our ERP system provides full visibility on stock for total convenience, confidence and control at the client’s end.


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