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Let’s start with those high-traffic areas.

Our Refurb & Refresh service creates an opportunity to ‘lift’ retail environments with fast, affordable and more sustainable solutions. It’s inevitable that high-traffic areas in-store are subject to substantial wear and tear. But now, replacing tired fittings and fixtures need not trigger a full refit, involving multiple suppliers, high cost and disruption to trade.

Maximum impact minimal disruption.

We offer fast, practical ways of achieving high-impact, built-to-last face-lifts at a fraction of the cost. Plus, a much faster speed to market and light-touch install that adds up to minimal trading disruption.

From one-off fixes, to rolling refurbs.

We're happy to address one-off requirements however, we can also look across your estate to identify rolling programmes for refurbishment at scale.

We're a lean, green, recycling machine.

We collect your redundant fixtures and return to our central UK location, where we consolidate, catalogue and refurbish to agreed standards. We then store ready for use on your future projects.

Act responsible, think sustainable.

In addition to cost savings, our approach ticks the boxes for sustainability, your CSR commitments and contribution to 'net zero' carbon, reducing the environmental impact.


Refurb and refresh stories

This is not just a Café... It’s a refurbed M&S Café.

Marks & Spencer recognised that the café area at their White City store was looking tired. We were happy to bring the café back to its original look and feel, without replacing old for newand at a fraction of the money and material cost of a new refit. Our project teams created beautifully matched repairs to upholstery, real wood veneers, laminate, and solid surfaces, working overnight to achieve ZERO café disruption.

Servicing ASDA’s service desks.

Having beautifully matched repairs to all laminates and solid surfaces without any disruption to trade, is only half of the cost-saving story. Working around in-situ M&E services meant we could reduce the need for trades on site, creating even more savings for ASDA. We also value-engineered improvements to the exposed and vulnerable areas of the original desk design, making sure the area lasts longer which is helping ASDA meet their wider sustainability goals.

Return to sender, we return to store.

We’re happy to put our expertise in consolidation, warehousing and recycling to work in support of Morrisons’ ‘Reuse & Refurb Program’. All kinds of equipment are removed from their stores and estate. It is then reworked, repainted or reutilised and brought back into use. We then manage the newly-repaired inventory through our ERP system, so everything is ready for its new life in a different Morrisons store.

Refurb. Refresh. Rework. Restore. Recycle.

Long-term value saves more than money alone.

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