Client Story

M&S Café

High impact café refurb with low carbon credentials for M&S.

Maintaining extensive retail estate across the UK poses a significant logistical and financial undertaking. Pragmatic solutions are often required for M&S to maintain a consistently high standard of quality, whilst minimising trading disruptions. In-line with growing consumer demand, M&S has pushed sustainability higher up their corporate agenda. A simple café refresh, offered an unexpected opportunity to flex their sustainability muscle, thanks to some fast thinking and a super-flexible approach from the team at Nuttall.

Upgrading a space to last long-term.

The initial opportunity with M&S was one of potential refurbishment to their existing fixtures. High footfall in the M&S café had left counters damaged and worn out, requiring an upgrade to meet the standards their customers expect from an in-store experience.

We surveyed the site to understand the requirement and the day-to-day workings of the space. Resilience of materials and construction were essential. Our team also understood the importance of minimising down-time and disruption, so we proposed a simple approach.

“We believe in providing right-sized, right cost solutions for our clients. Rather than a complete refit, we offered improvements that could be made by upgrading and renovating, whilst retaining some existing components. That way we knew we could deliver an impressive face-lift, using materials that would perform for the long-term, be suitable for the environment and get the job done quickly and efficiently,” Matt Perry, Head of Client Operations.

An efficient and sustainable solution.

We offered M&S a menu-style schedule of potential refurbishments for their café, so the client could pick and choose which items were in scope.

The approach had significant cost advantages, requiring budget at a small fraction of what would have been involved in a full refit. As well as reducing the number of trades on-site, the install was swift, with zero disruption to day-to-day trading for this busy area of the store.

Taking a careful, but cosmetic approach to the client’s challenge, really was win-win for the store and its customers. We were able to give the retail environment the much-desired lift it needed, with minimum fuss. The net effect was also a much more sustainable approach – re-using and refurbing fixtures, rather than having to send redundant equipment to landfill and starting over.

Taking a wider view on lower carbon solutions.

Ultimately, what Nuttall delivered for M&S on this one-off project was a high-impact upgrade with minimal disruption to the environment and the business. There were also significant cost savings, coming in at a fraction of a full replacement.

The client feedback has been positive quoting “magic repairs” to veneered finishes. As a result, we have scoped further M&S café upgrades for refresh and refurb work.

Our ability to design solutions that take the existing space and formats into consideration, opens up a wealth of opportunities for our clients. Using existing components, whilst being able to source complementary materials, means Nuttall is positioned to undertake planned refurb and re-fit projects that are both cost and carbon efficient for customers.

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