Client Story


Any size, but standard.

Size? is part of the JD Sports group of companies, catering to the premium end of the sports footwear and apparel market.

Size? create their store concepts around iconic city locations, many fixtures remain consistent but their visual merchandising expresses the unique themes running through that particular environment.

The result? A bespoke and spacious fit-out that creates an appropriately ‘epic’ space for global super-brands to deliver retail theatre for their consumers.

Confidently evolving a design concept.

The Size? brand invited us to tender for their Madrid concept store. We scoped Size? Nottingham store, measured fixtures, began to understand expectations around quality and gathered the full specification so our technical teams could redraw and evolve the design, making technical improvements where necessary. We then presented a full drawing pack together with costs based on the volumes required for Madrid. The modular concept was designed for drop and place and included counters, wall and freestanding fixtures.

Capturing customer feedback in real-time.

We produced one-off prototypes for every fixture, presenting each to Size? at our UK facility, supporting ‘real time’ changes for certain elements of the scheme in line with customer feedback. Our responsive process allowed the Madrid concept to move forward a few more steps in its evolution during our design phase and the Size? Team was happy to sign off the prototypes and move into production.

Handling Pan-European deliveries.

All equipment was produced at our UK manufacturing facility, however, the job was supply only, with Size? managing their own install. We were happy to flex our approach to accommodate the client’s requirements in the same way that we could accommodate small batch rather than volume production for the iconic, one-off concept store impact.

The city centre of Madrid is notoriously hard for final-mile delivery – so timed deliveries and meticulous logistics were a must. The equipment was cross docked so required careful consideration of the overall packaging to protect the goods from damage as they pass through the hands of different carriers. But with the right care, attention and planning – the goods arrived fully intact and the project was hailed a great success with Size? and their customers.

Iconic stores in fabulous locations.

After Madrid other Size? project locations included: Paris, Camden Town (London), Glasgow, Dublin, Marseille and Copenhagen. Each design was evolved and nuanced to support the city’s ‘theme’ and visual merchandising requirements – with head-turning results.

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