Client Story


When Going Self-Scan, Every Little Helps

When Tesco sought to revamp checkout areas with an increased emphasis on self-scan, Nuttall really was all they needed - appointing our team to fulfil Principal Contractor on the project across over 50 stores. The task involved wholesale relocation of bagging checkouts and creation of new self-scan areas that included: 15” touch displays, Bag for Life dispensers, Covid screens, barriers, signage boards and displays.

A fully realised project plan from a single source.

As principal contractor, Nuttall took overall control of construction phase – so that Tesco had just a single, authoritative point of contact.We planned, coordinated, managed and monitored the agreed programme of works and all contractors involved, including their health and safety in accordance with CDM regulations. This included ALL the fine detail, down to the working rights of contracted workers and all aspect of health and safety (including fire safety, working hours regulations plus site access and egress).

Contractors involved were either direct contractors specified by Tesco as part of the project scoping, or sub-contractors specified by Nuttall, to complete the works.

Keeping customers satisfied with target zero disruption.

Despite being a major undertaking, it was critical for store performance that all works were completed with minimal disruption to business as usual. As such, meticulous planning and execution was vital – with perfect orchestration of all the various trades required to complete the job at each and every site.

We completed the disconnection and reinstallation of data, power and electrical works as well as the install of self-scan technology, hearing loop systems and CCTV, which required electrical, data and tech specialists. Stud walls, hoarded areas and cash air tubes also required manufacturing and construction on-site. Signage implementation meant yet another skill set is required, as did floor repairs. Despite this complexity, Tesco had confidence that the works would pass without a hitch.

Proper preparation pre-work is key.

Six to eight weeks before S.O.S. (Start-On-Site), scoping visits are completed. The external project manager (EPM) who is a client representative, Nuttall and key contractors will all have a part in surveying both the department and store – to create agreements on works and scope. Nuttall collate information from these agreements and share back with relevant parties so that any queries are surfaced and resolved and a final programme of works is formalised and shared with all.

Four to six weeks before S.O.S. comes costing. Draft costs are reviewed and feedback gathered from all stakeholders, before orders for agreed labour, materials and services are raised. For this project, Nuttall did not need to cost for the manufacture of fittings as the project is principal contracting and installation only. However, for other customers, this is where we roll in costs for international sourcing and UK manufacture for blended solutions delivered at volume.

Just 2 weeks before S.O.S., a pre-start meeting is held with each specific store, to give contractors an opportunity to note any issues and discuss the fine details of an agreed programme before commencement. This is the absolute final agreement stage. We consult and engage with workers about their health, safety and welfare and perform a “SKET” check of personnel – skills, knowledge, experience and training.

Another project delivered to the best standard.

We’ve built our reputation for outstanding install on meticulous and painstaking planning, with full responsibility for all the details accounted for. It means our jobs run like clock-work. And when problems occur, they are the exception and not the norm – with experienced and well-managed teams being able to take minor issues in their stride, so no headaches are passed on to the customer.

Applying all of these strengths, we transformed over 50 stores in total for Tesco, beginning on the 24th April at Bishop Auckland. Each store install ran for 2-3 days, meaning the project came to completion on 2nd October.

When it comes to seamless delivery and zero disruption for BAU trading, both Tesco and Nuttall know from experience that every little helps!

The trusted expertise you can rely on.