Why more retailers are looking for Principal Contractor support.

Matt Hornblower

matt.hornblower@nuttall.co.uk - Principal Contractor - September 3 2021.

Customers crave convenience. They want outstanding retail experiences 24/7. Customer satisfaction and loyalty depend on it. This means that consistent delivery of outstanding retail experiences is a high stakes business for major multiple retailers.

Any works done in-store have the potential to disrupt trading, which is why more and more retailers are looking for end-to-end, Principal Contractor support. Brands are keen to put complex project management into expert hands and a single point of contact is always a very appealing proposition. Especially appealing if that contact has proven experience in managing key areas of compliance, multiple trades and vendors and critically the capability to plan, organise and sequence complex activities that minimise disruption to trading.

The importance of pre-construction planning.

With Principal Contractor support, retailers can expect projects to be planned through the initial pre-construction phase. All round site safety is likely to be a key driver from the planning stage and construction works, through to completion.

And every project is different. A live trading store poses a very different challenge in comparison to a new store opening. Every retailer has different ways of working and different expectations around compliance across a trading store. As a result, trusted and credible Principal Contractor partners need experience, flexibility and a host of compliance credentials and accreditations to prove competence across all requirements. Being able to respond competently in the face of changing situations on-the-ground, requires a powerful combination of skill and expertise.

The ways we work.

Here at Nuttall, we are giving power to the store by creating a ‘Flexible Bespoke Program’ that aligns the program of works with how the store actually operates. In project planning, one of our primary goals is to remove ourselves, and any of the workers on-site who come under our charge, from the retailer’s customers – thus limiting trading disruption and minimising impacts on the customer experience.

As part of the pre-planning process, we carry out intensive surveys to review access points so we can manage various trades across the site. For us, detailed planning in advance prevents problems later and we like to give our clients confidence that we’ve got every eventuality covered.

Securing the site.

Hoarding requirements are often of paramount importance as they create a safety barrier to any works, and minimise disruption in the customers eyes. Smart management and forward planning allow these surfaces to be used to carry all kinds of messaging: to create awareness, build brand reputation and create excitement around the ‘coming soon’ store developments.

Handing over the site.

The ‘Nuttall Way’ is genuinely end-to-end, cradle to grave when it comes to Principal Contractor projects. From the initial survey, through procurement and planning, pre-construction and construction phases to practical completion, we take care of every detail.

Handover within a trading store is a critical milestone. It means the site is handed back for the store resume trading. For us, we know we’re in good shape when the handover process includes limited snagging. Clients feedback that our strength is in snagging the project as it evolves, seeing potential issues in advance and nipping them in the bud. We manage snagging from the start to end of the construction phase, which paves the way for a headache-free Practical Completion.

We’re all you need.

Unlike some Principal Contractors, Nuttall can manage and produce ALL project requirements; our internal process is PRISM, an end-to-end solution optimising value throughout the project’s lifecycle. Reduced number of trades, one point of contact, harnessing our knowledge in design and development, and fast-tracked production are just some of our services offered. We can do as little or as much as you need.

Passing the acid test.

In a perfect world, every project would run smoothly from start to finish. But how Principal Contractors respond to unforeseen issues could be seen as the acid test, that which distinguishes the true pros from the also-rans. Thanks to years of experience, we understand that store opening and smooth trading is always priority number one. So, if a problem crops up – we will secure that element of the project and complete it outside of trading hours. Minimum fuss means maximum Store Management and client satisfaction.

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