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Dean Horton - Head of Sales & Marketing

dean.horton@nuttall.co.uk - People - February 1 2022.

Our business is on a journey. It’s fuelled by a clear purpose: To be the 1st choice for retailers who want confident, end-to-end project delivery. And our journey is guided by a set of well-defined values and an end-to-end process called PRISM that helps us to deliver genuine value for clients at every stage of every project we undertake.

5 Bold Steps

We began our journey with a structured research programme that helped us to outline the five bold steps that would help us secure business growth, long term. And it’s paying off. Our business is performing well and our people (who are all Partners within our business), are feeling positive for the future.

As a result, we’re looking to grow our team and it’s important that we get people who will be the right fit for the business and align with our core values and vision going forward.

Getting the people-fit right

First and foremost, we need practical team players. People who have proven know-how within their area and who take pride in the quality of the work they produce, irrespective of whether it’s hands-on on our shop floor or building relationships with our customers. We’re a down-to-earth bunch of people – so being open, authentic, and ready to embrace change will take you a long way here. But above and beyond that, we share a passion for doing the right thing for our customers, working together to shape practical solutions to retail displays and interior challenges whilst also being clear and direct in the way we communicate.

What to expect

Certainly, there’s plenty of variety at Nuttall. Working with well-known retail brands, we design, manufacture and deliver projects that come in all shapes and sizes, so no two days are the same.

We understand that our people want a great job in a great company with a clear direction and with rewards for the individual that match the effort put in. Our Partners want to be successful at their jobs and we ensure they have the skills and resources they need. We also provide on-going training on new technology, communication and how we grow new relationships the Nuttall way.

We refreshed our brand last year, to send a clear message to the market, our prospects and our customers that we are serious about growing our business and stepping into the next generation of retail, armed with innovative thinking and a can-do approach. We’ve been doing work at the heart of our Dudley manufacturing facility to bring the different facets of our operation closer together, improve efficiencies and to cement the quality, end-to-end processes that reliably create value for clients. As a result, we’ve been winning new business, securing complete end-to-end projects – especially within busy trading environments – that position us closer to our customers as the single partner that can manage projects from design through to delivery.

Looking ahead

People joining the team, can expect full immersion in our business’ vision, values and our one, three and five year plans – so everybody understands their role in making Nuttall as productive as possible. Plus there’s on-the-job development and support to carve out a career path, for those looking to grow. And because we work hard to get the ‘fit’ right from the outset, it’s fair to say that plenty of our people stay for the long term and enjoy the benefits of working within an Employee-Owned Partnership where all of our people are invested in the organisations’ future.

What our people say

Honestly, Nuttall is a great place to be right now. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some perspectives from our team – and we know you’ll hear more of the same, straight from the horse’s mouth, when you come and visit.

‘The business is buzzing again and everyone seems to be happy, motivated and excited for the future knowing what we all expect from each other.’

Gareth Drew, Head of Commercial ‘The rebrand has definitely helped with motivation and focus. We’re all getting aligned on our ways of working and it’s creating a clear point of difference with our customers.’

Rob Sayers, Construction Manager ‘We’ve done the work from the inside-out to get our business fit for the future. You can see that it’s paying off in the work that we do and the feedback we’re getting from our people and our customers.’

Dean Horton, Head of Sales & Marketing



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